Access data anywhere using DataDistillr and your Oracle Cloud Credits

DataDistillr is the “easy button” to join and query any data set without ETL or pipelines and publish to an API.

What is DataDistillr “DDR”

DDR is the leading enterprise data & analytics platform that dramatically decreases the time to insight by creating a real time virtual data lake that enables analysts, data scientists and business users to join, query and visualize data from any source with the click of a button - No ETL or coding required.

Pre-built Enterprise “Connectors” to all your data sources 

DDR connects to relational & non relational databases, APIs (Salesforces, Marketo, Hubspot, ServiceNow, Twilio, Stripe, etc.) and flat files (Excel, CSV, JSON & more), and runs queries, including joins, across all of these data sources using standard SQL without having to move, prep or orchestrate any data.

Collaborate, publish & share both raw and curated data

DDR one click API and messaging provides native functionality for users to:

Easily collaborate with each other on analysis & exploration

Create and share data projects, no matter how large or complex, with stakeholders instead of duplicating data share   

Effortlessly save and  publish query results via an API to any downstream system (i.e.,  Jupyter notebooks, Snowflowflake, Tableau, TensorFlow, etc.) 

Why we are excited about the DDR partnership

Oracle selected DDR as our exclusive Oracle Marketplace partner because we consistently hear from clients that they struggle to access ALL of their data across multiple disparate data sources.  Whether they are trying to build machine learning pipelines, glean insights from their data through BI, or simply doing ad hoc analysis, it takes tremendous work, effort and cost to prep and consolidate data from all of these sources before the real value added work can be done.  

DDR is the "easy" button for all of this data consolidation work.  DDR’s UI  provides native collaboration and sharing tools along with one click data publishing via API for both raw data as well as materialized views for downstream systems to consume.  DDR is security compliant, offering strong data encryption and data governance. 

Key customer pain points DDR easily addresses:

As part of our OCI partnerships we are offering DDR to all customers COMPLIMENTARY for 30 days.

Data is stored in spreadsheets 

Problem - Customers have data stored in and across 100s, if not 1000s of spreadsheets, and new spreadsheets are created all the time.  Accessing and using this data, let alone joining with data from other sources, is a huge challenge and many times impossible.

DDR Solution - Access and join data from multiple tabs in a spreadsheet or across multiple spreadsheets and query using standard SQL for quick analysis without having to move and load data into other systems

Data comes from multiple APIs

Problem - Customers need to access, merge and enrich data from many different APIs to facilitate analysis, BI & data science needs. Engineering resource is required to connect to APIs, download, duplicate, prep, store and join this data with other data sources in order for it to be usable. 

DDR Solution - Connect, join and query data where it is from any API with the click of a button without having to download, prep or store the data.  Costs can also be reduced by querying just the data that is needed to satisfy any particular request.

Each datasource uses a different language to access & query

Problem - Customers need to join and query data from relational AND non-relational data sources.  Proprietary protocols must be used to access non-relational data, and this data must be downloaded, prepped and stored in a relational database in order to join and query together.

DDR Solution - Use standard SQL through DDR's platform to join and query relational and non-relational data sources, APIs and flat files. 

Core data sources DDR supports 

Data stores: 






Partial list of APIs (we can connect to any API - just ask us)










And more!

Flat files





How do customers begin using DDR?

DDR is now available via click-to-download on our Oracle Cloud marketplace using your Oracle Cloud Credits (OCC). 

Click to download!  

Need More Reasons: Check out this video of the Oracle and DataDistillr’s OCI Marketplace announcement 

If there are any questions on how to activate a client or if you'd like to chat with DDR prior to discussing with your client, please contact or call 561 631 1725 


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