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The Horseshoe Theory of Political Extremism

  This is my second attempt at political satire. Have you heard of the Horseshoe Theory of Political Extremism? It's like the saying goes: "the farther right you go, the closer you get to the left, and vice versa." It's like a horseshoe - the ends may seem far apart, but they actually bend towards each other. It's almost like the political spectrum is a giant, bendy straw that can suck up any ideology, no matter how extreme! But don't worry, the straw, as in this short essay, is made of rubber, so it won't poke your eye out. They say politics makes for strange bedfellows, but if you venture to the fringes of the political spectrum, you’ll find the strangest bedfellows of all — the far left and far right, nestled together like two peas in an extremist pod. On the surface, these two camps couldn’t seem more different. The far left reads Das Kapital, dreams of a worldwide communist revolution, and gets misty-eyed singing The Internationale. The far right read