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Dedicated Access to GlusterFS-Based Shared Storage on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

 Sanjay Basu Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides bare metal compute instances for both high-frequency CPU and GPU environments, that's why OCI is naturally great infrastructure for many high-performance computing (HPC) applications that need that processing power. However, many applications also require fast access to shared file systems in order to execute quickly and efficiently. Companies developing machine-learning-based applications want to provision their own shared file systems on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because they are already using them elsewhere and are familiar with them, their performance characteristics, and other features. We recommend using GlusterFS for very fast shared file storage for HPC, machine-learning, or deep-learning workloads using GPU nodes. GlusterFS is a distributed, scale-out file system that lets you rapidly provision additional storage based on your storage consumption needs. It incorporates automatic failover as a primar