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Access data anywhere using DataDistillr and your Oracle Cloud Credits

DataDistillr is the “easy button” to join and query any data set without ETL or pipelines and publish to an API. What is DataDistillr “DDR” DDR is the leading enterprise data & analytics platform that dramatically decreases the time to insight by creating a real time virtual data lake that enables analysts, data scientists and business users to join, query and visualize data from any source with the click of a button - No ETL or coding required. Pre-built Enterprise “Connectors” to all your data sources  DDR connects to relational & non relational databases, APIs (Salesforces, Marketo, Hubspot, ServiceNow, Twilio, Stripe, etc.) and flat files (Excel, CSV, JSON & more), and runs queries, including joins, across all of these data sources using standard SQL without having to move, prep or orchestrate any data. Collaborate, publish & share both raw and curated data DDR one click API and messaging provides native functionality for users to: ● Easily collaborate with each o

The Metaverse and Digital Twinning

  As 2022 is expected to be the year where the groundwork for the metaverse for the next decade, at least more tools are being utilized to accelerate metaverse adoption. The digital twin is one such tool that encapsulates and actuates the capabilities of the metaverse.  A term coined by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), digital twins are digital copies of physical objects; virtual representations that replicate these objects or processes in real-time. These twins are updated from the real-time data they collect and use simulation, as well as machine learning, to perfect decision-making. Digital twinning has several use cases. Healthcare professionals simulate rare illnesses and learn the correct techniques to care for these illnesses. At the same time, environmentalists use digital twinning to simulate different climate change extremes based on oceans and rainforests.  Digital twins are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the increased advent of augmented an

The Legal Rights of an Algorithm

  At first glance, you might think how it’s possible for something that doesn’t have a mind, body, or soul to have any legal entitlement. After all, algorithms don’t have physical attributes, and their existence can’t be easily tracked unless you’re a tech specialist responsible for creating them.  However, while algorithms don’t have any physical attributes, they have become smarter over time, mimicking human behaviors and traits to produce actionable results. Initially, algorithms started as simple data sets combined in several valuable ways to create patterns. They generate suggestions and solutions that help guide you, whether you’re on social media or search engines, while also providing insights within several fields, including the legal, medical, and marketing fields. Algorithms also consistently correct their mistakes without requiring human intervention.  Believe it or not, algorithms have legal rights too. While many users are skeptical about algorithms because of security an

Resolving Emotionally Charged Conflicts

  Conflict is inevitable and, while sometimes it can be a healthy thing, it undermines leadership and productivity for organizations, especially when they are emotionally charged. When emotions take hold of a conversation, it fragments relationships and disrupts the work culture, leading to uneasy collaborations and a challenging environment. And, with a challenging environment, an organization is more prone to losing employees, especially if it’s led by someone who consistently lets strong emotions cloud their better judgment.  Conflicts have become increasingly commonplace within organizations throughout the pandemic, with employee-employer disputes, mainly due to pandemic-motivated changes to work-life, including rigid hybrid models and complex remote working plans. Considering how much more employees are valuing their work-life balance and developing changing attitudes towards work, the importance of conflict resolution has been heightened. Leaders must show a combination of empath